Once we lived in the sun,

granted all the blessing of Goddess freely to all who asked. Life was good and magic flew through our blood and the world was blessed. A golden age of life were made as we shared the magic that ran through us and nurtured all. While not truly immortal we were close, each of us living for 1000,s of years and creating works of beauty and vast variety with this worlds magic. We created life itself, but all our creation was flawed and we forswore this practice, realizing it was beyond us to create worthy children for this planet and it should be left to the Gods and Goddess.

Sadly not all were happy, many felt that they deserved the magic and the right of creation, not through service or loyalty they felt the need for these blessings but through desire alone did they feel they deserve it. Through jealousy they planed and plotted. Our creations rose up and revolted but not with honor but with treachery. Using stolen magic they attempted to recreate life and the misshapen were born, creatures whose life was measured in decades. In edition they corrupted our connection cutting of our ability to use magic.

But their planned failed while we could no longer access the purity of the Magic they were no closer to connecting to it and mortality was placed on them. But on us it was much worse each generation became less the the previous our power dwindled to be the equal of our creation, but they were not satisfied with this. In their anger they were not satisfied with our lessening but declared us anathema to all life, hunted us down and killed not just our warriors and priests but our children and our old, we dwindled from hundreds of thousands to less than a thousand and only 21 of the first born remained alive the rest of us slaughtered our of jealously.

In desperation of the last 21 of our elders sacrificed their life to contact our Goddess, in their sacrifice a sliver of the old magic flowed and with this we left the surface we headed underground and earth itself was blessed to guard us from those who hunted us. To this day we are still organized into the 21 great houses one each for those elders who sacrificed everything so that we might live.

For 100,000 years we have lived under the earth, growing in number and strength preparing for that day where we can restore ourselves to our rightful place as rulers of this world.

In the darkness we live, under the earth we grow, each generation growing in power and magic sacrificing all that does not contribute to our survival, so that someday we can once again control this world open the portals of magic and become what we were always meant to be.

All Hail The Queen of the Gods
All Hail Loth

Intro for a potential D&D Next campaign. Each player will be a noted member of one of the 21 Great Houses. The players will be in charge of determining the future of their house and their role in the great city, naturally it is expected that all the pcs are playing Drow.

Every 1000 years the high priests of Loth reevaluates the roll of each of the great houses. Their dedication their strength and their ruthlessness will determine their importance for the next 1000 years. This evaluation is only 10 years away and each house has chosen members to demonstrate their strength and prove their loyalty.

The game will focus on surface crawls as the Children of Loth attack those who betrayed them on the surface as well as intrigue between the houses.

Once we lived in the sun